Deep Clean

Rise and Shine know through years of first-hand experience investing in deep cleaning ensures that your customers - existing and potential – are more likely to view your business as one that is obviously clean, tidy and therefore well run with all bases covered.

For food related businesses these perceptions are critical as are first impressions with those business’ where customer and client presence alike is frequent. Poor customer experience - or even worse - bad public relations, can in some instances break a business overnight. At the other end of the spectrum, clean businesses gain favour with customers for repeat business. Word of mouth recommendations spread very quickly and this can work either positively or negatively for your reputation.


Legislation directs that employers / business managers must ensure that its employees and customers are working in and visiting a safe environment - 'due diligence' being the minimum performance requirement.

To discuss your requirements please phone our office number or email us and we can arrange a suitable date and time for our cleaning expert to visit you.


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